Aktiva Tarot / New Year’s Gift: About the project

2016 is over. After a long and exciting year filled with uncertainty and challenge we decided -once again- to do something that we are good at: spoil our friends and clients with a small New Year’s giveaway.

Nevertheless, we knew this year required something different; Something that could protest against all odds and give us a little confidence for what is about to come: a notion of fortune -in this case- through a deck of tarot cards.

The idea came after a deep appreciation of the nocturnal trend around the globe and the intention to be simple and interactive with the user; we wanted to illustrate the illusion of fate into something tangible, mystical and playful.

How could we adapt the idea in order to have a deep sense with the world of design and strategic communication?

Of course, we took care of the outcome. With the collaboration of Alex Ghoulmez – Visual Artist- we created this unique deck of cards with a magical and comical meaning simultaneously, having all the well-known characters within the industry involved and related to the original tarot interpretations.

The future is now. Each card represents two possible results. A game for the skeptical and the believers. No barriers inside a little black box replete of suspense, hope and expectation.

We are for whatever is next. So we want our clients and friend to be.

Happy 2017!




Alex Ghoulmez


Stay Hungry Stay Foolish // Diego Arámburu

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