Beast Key chains

Beast Key chains

Everyone is a little wild: merchandising and mounstrous surprises.

When you are part of something you find special you want everyone else to notice.

You want to spread the word. You are proud of your values and motivations. You simply expose everything you are in a symbol, a little something that you are always caring with you and cannot hide. All of those small objects with a deep meaning for us. Those presents we receive unexpectedly and bring us a big smile on the face.

We love giving and sharing, that’s why our monsters are not here to stay within the studio. We want them to be in your house, in your car and even attached to your backpack. Maybe even laying in your bed. We created a series of key chains and other surprises that will travelling around the globe with different destinations. Many revelations will be insides these packages and we cannot wait to see how you react. We believe the best first impression should be better than a cover letter.





Beast Invasion