Digital Activation

Instant Memories: About the GIFs

A little movement is always a good and marvelous idea.

We created three different GIFs to develop a teasing campaign for our clients. With the special collaboration of Denisse García -photographer- we shot these snaps of esotericism and magic. As a result, we obtained a perfect sequence to explain the stages of our plan:

-The first GIF generated uncertainty and curiosity, playing with tarot-related elements and props that could involve the receiver in the right atmosphere.

-The second GIF acted as an announcement, telling directly to our clients that an special delivery was waiting right in front of their doors.

-The third GIF provoked a call-to-action, giving the perfect excuse to our clients to make the right call to shape their future; in this case, working with us.

It’s not about telling a story. It’s about they way you tell it.




Denisse Garcia

The Tarot Project