Perfect duality

Perfect duality

Black and white, day and night, ice and fire, order and caos. The beasts are a complementary combination, a perfect duality, a beautiful imperfection, unpredictable results.

The work of a handy artisan is fulfilled in the moment you are finally able to see an idea sketched on paper transformed into something real and perceptible. It doesn’t matter if it looks stuck in time (standing still forever) like a monument in the middle of a city. If you really get it it, you’ll realize that it is as relevant as is could be; like you, like me.

We were conscious that our monsters needed to be built in different materials besides a piece of paper or a digital screen. We wanted them to be around us like any member of the team: next to our desk, roaming around the hall or standing in the middle of the meeting room. That’s why we collaborated with HX Studio and their expertise in resin craftwork to create different prototypes of our new chaotic friends.

At the end, we obtained a truly inspiring collection of monsters which are now the citizens of our studio the new hosts for those who are always welcome beyond our doors.



Art Direction



HX Studio


Alexis Taule



Beast Invasion