Summer Party 2016

A few months ago we experienced one of our most beloved traditions: Aktiva’s Summer Party, an unconventional event in Barcelona which we organize every year for all of our friends and partners.

This 4th edition turned out to be the biggest party we had ever planned. That’s why we couldn’t waste the opportunity to communicate our new concept #WeAreAktibeasts to the world. Suddenly this party became the perfect canvas to express our notion, using black and white as a metaphor of the wild and refined facets we all have inside.

At the same time, we used different geometric and tribal elements of design to execute the proper pieces of communication we needed, giving an unique and personal approach to every person who will be living the #WeAreAktibeasts spirit.


It’s always better when we are together. We worked next to Fedrigoni and their expertise in premium stationery to craft the most beautiful invitation for our party, using their 290 grams Sirio Pearl paper in such ways it helped us represent all that we wanted in a simple and soft touch.


Let’s spread the story. All the values behind the #WeAreAktibeasts concept were shaped in different media and items such as GIF’s, motion graphics and even temporary tattoos.