The cards

Shuffling something mystical: About the cards

It’s not a coincidence if it’s meant to be.

We created 22 cards with 44 possible outcomes. A world full of possibilities where you are able to plan ahead or maybe, change the direction you are taking.

With an exquisite work of illustration we related each card’s meaning with a parallelism in the world of agencies, making sure that the message was useful but also enjoyable and amusing to read. Each object and character reflects a day-today situation seen from different perspectives, for example:

1. The Force (Product Manager)

According to tarot: power, energy, action.

The Product Manager is well-known as the team’s leader. It’s the individual giving guidance to successfully complete a task. Enthusiast, proactive and always looking to find the better solutions to make all the collaborators work together to achieve the optimal results.

At the end it’s all about perception. All the images have an insightful meaning, taking care of all the small details involved in the scene and of course, the tale it’s intending to communicate.

Life is a game, let’s make sure we are playing it the right way.




Alex Ghoulmez


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